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Artistic Terms of service

Thanks for visiting my page! I'm glad you're here.

Now sometimes I get people who enjoy my art to a point that they want to get some art out of me for their own personal use. If you're one of those people, I would implore you to read this whole box of text from top to bottom before you request/commission me.

01: Requests
I've gotten requests once or twice by other users on this site. Let me say this first: Requests are entirely allowed by you the user to make. It doesn't hurt me for you to ask politely for a piece of art. However, making a request for a piece of art does not mean that I will comply. I am not obligated to do your request, the completion of a request relies completely upon my own willingness at the time to do a request of yours.
So if you want something questionable, the likelihood of my acquiescence to your request is even less likely for such than a more mundane request.

02: Commissions
If you want a piece of art from me, I'm going to want something in return for it. Time is money after all, and I spend time on one of your pieces of work, I want money to make up for it. It's free market, yo!
When you come forward to me for a commission in a PM or a comment (Which I will PM you later about) I'm going to ask for at least half of the cost upfront. This takes some of the weight of you--the commissioner-- if your money is tight, and some of the weight off me--the commissioned-- so that if you can't make the payment I will only be down half the cost. I do not provide discounts, and there are no exceptions. Sorry, but artists gotta eat too. I have four offers, each with their own rates.

Rough sketch:
Simple sketch drawing of a character--or characters. $5.00 or 400 Points

Line art:
Line art without color of a character--or characters. $10 or 800 Points

Flat color:
Flat color drawing without shade of a character--or characters. $15 or 1200 Points

Shaded coloring:
A shaded color drawing of a character-- or characters. $20 or 1600 Points

Full artistic rendering:
Complete artistic rendering with a full scene and character interaction. I'll do it with dark lines or just painting. $25 or 2000 points.

03: Edits
Sometimes an artist completes a work and it's not exactly what the commissioner wanted. That's completely understandable, no one's perfect! That being said, requests for edits are going to take away more of my time, so I need a return on that. So unfortunately if it's a larger edit, that'll mean a ten percent fee of the original charge.
So please, if you want to save your time, your money and my time; A complete, thorough and detailed description of what you want for your commission is going to be very helpful-- or an acceptance for whatever I might churn out when I first complete the commission.

04: Trades
Art trades are fun! Give an art piece, get an art piece! You can take one artists line work, and have another artist color it, or any number of things! But I won't do art trades all willy-nilly-- you have to be a trustworthy individual to me-- or a friend. So unfortunately, art trades are somewhat exclusive.

With all these things in mind, I hope I didn't scare you all off, and I hope whatever I do for you all is pleasing.





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Will J F
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Name's Firefanatic. This is the point where I Would put things about me out publicly for everyone to know, but I probably won't.

See that picture up there? That's one of my older works. I've gotten significantly better since that, you can too! (Also my current pictures are just too large... :( )

My tumblr accounts:
My newgrounds account (inactive):
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My fimfiction account:…

Best way to contain a Paprika Paca? 

1 deviant said 1 locked room with one minion sacrificed daily to her.
1 deviant said She's most dangerous when she has her floof. Shave her every hour with dark-iron shears forged by the abyssal monks of northern Foenum. The floof must be kept in a hermetically sealed bag.
1 deviant said Silly little people; Paprikas can be pacified when they have a Pom Lamb nearby!
1 deviant said UM EXCUSE ME, MY Paprikas are free ranged. It's cruel to contain them when they should be running wild and happy--Whoops, there she goes.
No deviants said Must be placed in a safe with reinforced walls. Hugs must be delivered only with minions wearing reinforced titanium-gold armor.
No deviants said Minions are too valuable. We need an expert in dark magic to contain her in a three-fold time stasis field, only released for hugs while under sedation!


Princess Celestia watched the sunrise from her balcony. It was a beautiful sight to behold-at least, she hoped it was. Everypony said it was so, but did they ever mean it? She brushed a lock of her mane from her face. She was probably just over thinking things a little, of course they loved her sun!

Her sun which, for some reason, failed to remember to reinforce its cosmic link with her. She just realized this because it was moving on it's own. And her hair was pink, that too. She flashed a glare at the glowing orb of light.

"AAAAH! Please, don't put us out!" It begged. "We just wanted to try rising on our own! Surely you can understand that!"

"Yes sun, I do understand," Celestia said. "You should ask me next time though."

"Yes, yes, of course, mistress! we'll do that next time! A thousand thank you's for not putting us out!" Celestia's mane flashed white for a moment, and returned to its typical aurora like colors, blowing in the solar wind.

Apparently, the Sun still doesn't know that I cannot put it out without the link. Of all the stars to pick from the sky to light up the world, why had I chosen the frail, overly submissive little yellow one?

"You said yourself," The moon shouted from the other side of the earth. "Red giants Don't listen to anypony!"

Fair enough. Celestia stood up to prepare for the usual tedium of ruling a country.

The halls were still decorated golden for the now passed summer sun celebration. for all intents and purposes, she was absolutely thrilled that it went about without any considerable setbacks like temporary suspension in the sun by a rabid, vengeful dark side of her beloved sister. The sun had desperately panicked, bombarding the planet with a high amount of heat, therefore slowing the inevitable nuclear winter eternal night would set upon Equestria. The summers were also considerably hotter for a few years afterword. Having to wait quietly, in a a pile of thorns with only her emergency tea set to pass the time was far better than that. (*) Celestia relaxed into the sound of her golden shoes clicking against the marble tile. She was going to be doing a lot of walking, so she might as well get used to it. One of the "servants" was heading on her way to who knows where in the castle to do not sure what. That was a mistake ponies made about alicorns. Alicorns are not omniscient. Thankfully, what she did not know, she could add on to what she did know.

"I haven't seen you around the castle," She addressed the servant. "Are you new around here?"

"Oh! Princess!" The pony shot around to face her, bowing. "I didn't see you there, forgive me!"

Celestia gently pulled the pony back to her feet. "Don't worry about it. Failing to see me once will not count against you. So what's your job here in Canterlot?"

She blushed visibly through her red coat, and her yellow eyes glanced to the left. "Me? Well, it's not much, I'm just a janitor."

Celestia smiled, slightly amused by the pony's naivete. "Just? Well, if you're just a janitor, I'm just a princess, aren't I?"

"What? No! You're so much more important that! I couldn't- well- I- Forgive me, but I really should be getting back to work, Those Cobwebs aren't going to remove themselves from the library shelves!" She ran off, desperately hoping not to be smitten by the supreme goddess' wrathful vengeance.

The goddess stared blankly down the hall. What was that? Was it something I said? Is she going to be terrified of me for the rest of her life? Oh, I really hope she isn't...

"Don't worry, Mistress!" The sun said. "we're sure she knew exactly what you meant! After all, we did!"

"Of course you did, you cosmic fart!" The moon shouted from the other side of the earth. "You have the link with her, so you know the ups and downs of her mind!"

"We're sorry, Mistress! we're sorry we forgot again! Please don't put us out!

"And I'm sorry I'm associated with you!"

WOULD YOU TWO QUIET DOWN!?! Celestia boomed at the two heavenly bodies. With that through and over with, She continued on her way, still somewhat confused by the red unicorn's nervousness around her. As she approached the back door to the throne room, she heard the sound of (respectful) argument. Carefully, she opened the door and stepped quietly through, making sure not to interrupt until the time was right.

"This project is too expensive. How will you make one available for every family in Equestria? This machine you speak of, needs oil. Oil is very expensive, 500 bits a barrel, at least."

"But don't you see, princess? We have been working on making these locomotives as efficient as possible. our latest one gets 500 miles to the gallon!"

"Your 'locomotive' requires Iron as well. We'll have to double our imports from the griffon kingdom to make up for the demand. That would also mean a generous tax raise, and I'm sure you two know as well as I do that ponies do not like taxes."

"But princess, It's the only thing to our name! There must be some way we can con- I mean sell our product to ponies-"


"Holding audience with Flim and Flam, sis?" Celestia spoke up. "They're only the biggest con ponies in Equestria."

Luna turned to her sister, relieved. "Oh, great! I thought I was going to have to be here forever!" She hopped off the throne, nuzzling Celestia on the neck. "Good luck with those two, They're a stubborn pair!" The door to the back of the throne room shut, and Celestia turned to the two con ponies

Flim tipped his hat. "Well, Princess, I suppose if you do not approve of our project, then we had better leave." The brothers promptly galloped out the front door and out the palace, leaving Celestia once again alone.

She scowled slightly. They didn't even try to give their sales pitch to me...

"Mistress?" The sun asked.

Celestia rolled her eyes. "Sun, please. I don't need to hear from you at the moment."

"AAH! We're sorry! Please don't put us out!"

Celestia sat down on the throne, groaning. First the janitor, now those two. I suppose they had their reasons, however improbable. I'm sure most ponies see me as a nice pony, right? Ah, our first subject seeking guidance from the "immortal goddess of the sun".

Her subject looked back and fourth cautiously before entering. He was a skinny fellow, glasses shiny clean, resting firmly on the bridge of his nose. his horn was freshly grounded to a sharp point, and his hooves likewise. His mane and tail were cut evenly, and his chin was as clean-shaven as they go. Celestia also noticed on the blue colt a hole in his ear where there was a lack of an earring. Quietly approaching the throne, he politely bowed, throwing in the traditional cross of the front left hoof as well.

Celestia smiled warmly at the gesture. "Well, my little pony, you certainly proved yourself more than worthy of my audience if you decided to be so polite. Please rise." The pony obeyed, like most of the ponies do. "Now, what is it you'd like to talk to me about?" Celestia laid down, preparing for the first talk of many.

"Actually, uh..." the pony began. "If it would please your highness, I would like to know a little more about your student. She's very... well... studious." He sat on his haunches, attempting to relax. "Does she major in anything?"

Celestia chuckled. "I don't think you know my student very well. If it can be researched, she'll research it! She would major in all the academic subjects if she could, but even my mind has limits. Why the interest?"

"Well your majesty... I wanted to set up an appointment with her. I heard that she's a good psychiatrist?"

"Really? Who recommended her to you?"

"Well, it was... ah... a pony who went by the name of Rainbow Dash."

"Rainbow-?!?" Celestia's voice was cut off by her own laughter. Oh, dear Twilight! If only you knew that that your friend thought you were a psychiatrist I swear, Rainbow, you and Pinkie are the best pranksters I have ever came across on. "Ha ha ha... I'm so sorry, I shouldn't be laughing!" Tears ran down her cheeks. "Oh, my sides! Somepony knock me back to my senses! Air, I need air!" Of all the things she was expecting, a prank from Rainbow Dash to her was not it! She had thought up all sorts of other ponies that could possibly recommend Twilight, but because Rainbow Dash didn't fit any one of the ponies she was expecting, all the thought energy was released in a healthy guffaw.

Celestia wiped a tear from her eye, finally recovering. "I'm so, so sorry!" She said. "In all seriousness, Twilight Sparkle is as good a psychiatrist as any of them! I'm sure she would be happy to-" She blinked.

The room was empty. She was alone once more. There was a moment of confusion before she realized what happened.

Her subject left, misinterpreting her laughter as something of an "Are you ridiculous?" expression.

She snapped her wings out, growling very loudly.

"OH, FOR-"

The princess used a very un-princessy word indeed.

Fed Up-- Realization

"Your Majesty!" "Your highness!" "My princess!" "My Sweet Goddess!"

These are all titles that Celestia has heard her little ponies call her. They hold her in the highest esteem, praising her for every little complement she gives them, and they look for her approval above all else.
Even her student Twilight treats her very highly, although that could be chalked up to a mother/daughter relationship. In fact, the only ones that don't treat her as a high and mighty, so-far-above-from-the-world-you-would-not-understand ruler were those not under her, and her sister.

Yes, everypony worships the very ground she treads upon.
And she is sick and tired of it.

With the help of her dear sister, Twilight and her friends, our beloved princess will seek out a way to put an end to the high level of praise that she has, Luna is jealous of, and Twilight is worried about receiving because of her status-- no matter how humble her subjects are to her.

And here is the first chapter of Fed Up, originally found on Fimfiction.Net. I'll upload each chapter daily until I come up to the latest chapter in the sequel.

(*) the princess' breastplate aren't just for show; they're rather practical as well. they're equipped with chains to restrain and tow, a makeup kit, a horn filer, a first-aid kit, spare quills and parchment, a stamp with the royal seal, and bags of microwavable popcorn, just in case there are no cakes to be had. Celestia's also has the aforementioned tea set, and Luna's has a VIP card for the arcade games.
Best way to contain a Paprika Paca?
1 deviant said 1 locked room with one minion sacrificed daily to her.
1 deviant said She's most dangerous when she has her floof. Shave her every hour with dark-iron shears forged by the abyssal monks of northern Foenum. The floof must be kept in a hermetically sealed bag.
1 deviant said Silly little people; Paprikas can be pacified when they have a Pom Lamb nearby!
1 deviant said UM EXCUSE ME, MY Paprikas are free ranged. It's cruel to contain them when they should be running wild and happy--Whoops, there she goes.
No deviants said Must be placed in a safe with reinforced walls. Hugs must be delivered only with minions wearing reinforced titanium-gold armor.
No deviants said Minions are too valuable. We need an expert in dark magic to contain her in a three-fold time stasis field, only released for hugs while under sedation!
I posted a new chapter for something on Fimfiction. Would you like to see my written stories here?
6 deviants said Heck yeah!
No deviants said Actually I got no time to read... :(

So this morning, I got up, turned on my computer, and...

the fans ran really hard, and the computer shut off again twenty seconds later. Turns out it was the cooling device not working, so now I'm stuck on a laptop without any way to draw any digital artwork... or write.

At best, I'll get the replacement in by Friday, so sorry for my inactivity.


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